Monstera Monkey Mask
Monstera Monkey Mask

Monstera Monkey Mask

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The Monstera Monkey Mask has delightful rounded leaves that display strong fenestration from an infant stage. The Monkey Mask it the perfect trailing plant, or a beautiful choice for a plant that will spill from a pot you are going to be able to pair this with any number of cover pot styles. This plant is a tropical variety which means that it will enjoy a more humid warm part of the home such as a kitchen, or bright bathroom. Likes a warm humid environment. Avoid draughts. Bright, indirect light. Direct sunlight will burn the plant. Allow soil to dry out between waterings.


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Comes in 17cm nursery Pot, we also have some great pots to finish the look.
Or we can make into a Kokedama, this will be a large size about 20cm across the moss ball. 

For more information about kokedama see… Kokedama Care

Please note because our Kokedama are made to order and we only send early in the week, they can take up to 2 weeks to receive. We can always work to speed things up if you need it urgently so please ask.