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Kokedama Workshops

Keen to learn the Japanese art of Kokedama with me, Aliesha Fairbairn.
Great team bonding or just an excuse to get creative!

You will be shown, step by step, how to make your very own kokedama to take home and enjoy. I will talk you though the soil, how to make it, where to buy the products and give you all my secrets.

Option 1

Create a Medium size kokedama - $270 for up to 6 people then $40 per any extra people. Plus Travel.  

Option 2

Make one Mini succulent kokedama and another medium kokedama. This give you a nice small one to practice on first and is therefore much more rewarding - $ 390 for up to 6 people then $60 per person for extras. Plus Travel.

I have can easily take up to 15 people and have aprons for everyone. Everything you need is included. The art of kokedama is incredibly fun but rather messy so keep this in mind.

If you would more information or a different option please let me know!

Email to book :)

From time to time I organize workshops with venues which are available to book online (see below). If you have a venue available please let me know :) I'm always looking for new spaces. 

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