Asplenium Victoria Fern

Asplenium Victoria Fern

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Ferns are a great choice for lower lit rooms. They require more water including regular misting but they are very beautiful delicate houseplants. 

We like to make our fern kokedama with nylon so you cannot see the string. This is because the amount of water ferns need mean the string can break down quicker. You can choose Nylon as a string colour option.

 Come in a 14cm nursery pot or we can make into a medium Kokedama for $28

Choose the display options, add a base if you like, then order...  For more information about display options see Kokedama Care

ADD KOKEDAMA STAND - We have lovely, locally made, wooden Kokedama Stands. They give air flow around the base of your plant and help with stability. 


Please note because our Kokedama are made to order and we only send early in the week, they can take up to 2 weeks to receive. We can always work to speed things up if you need it urgently so please ask.