Anthurium Kokedama

Anthurium Kokedama

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The exotic flowers of the Anthurium have a distinctive air of luxury – large waxy flowers against a backdrop of glossy heart shaped leaves. As the flowering extends over a number of months, with each bloom lasting for many weeks, the Anthurium Kokedama makes an excellent long-lasting and easy-care gift.

The Classic Kokedama has a Moss ball at least 15cm across.

The Elite Kokedama has a Moss ball at least 20cm across.

Choose the display options, add a base if you like, then order...  For more information about display options see Kokedama Care

ADD KOKEDAMA STAND - We lovely wooden, NZ made Kokedama Stands. They give air flow around the base of your plant.  

ADD GREETING CARD – Sending as a gift? You can send a cute Coastal Flair Card with a special message.


Please note because our Kokedama are made to order and we only send early in the week, they can take up to 2 weeks to receive. We can always work to speed things up if you need it urgently so please ask.