Boston Fern

Boston Fern

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Nephrolepis Exal Boston -The Boston Fern has graceful green, drooping fronds that are naturally cut in such a way to give a ruffled looking effect and therefore it looks really good in a hanging basket or in a place where the fronds can hang down over something, for example on the edge of a bookcase or shelf.

Fertilise every month or during growth period


Choose your display option
Comes in 12cm nursery Pot, we also have some great pots to finish the look.
Or we can make into a Kokedama, this will be a Medium size about 15cm across the moss ball. 

You can select if you would like your kokedama hanging or not or if you'd like coloured or natural string.  Consider choosing nylon as your string option for ferns- The amount of water ferns need mean the string can break down quicker so nylon is a safer option if hanging. The sphagnum moss also goes beautiful and green over time, which your will see better with nylon string. Just choose 'Nylon' as a string colour option.

KOKEDAMA STAND - We have lovely, locally made, wooden Kokedama Stands. They give air flow around the base of your plant and help with stability. 

Please note because our Kokedama are made to order and we only send early in the week, they can take up to 2 weeks to receive. We can always work to speed things up if you need it urgently so please ask.